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Pool/Billiards In Denver

Billiards had its origins in the 15th century and is still going strong at many Denver bars and pool halls. Billiards, or cue sports, can be played on a variety of tables. Games played on tables without pockets are called Carom, Pool is played on a table with six pockets, and Snooker, which came about in the late 19th century, was played in India by British army officers.


Zanzibar Billiards

2046 Larimer Street, Lo Do Denver • 303.308.9999

Zanzibar has 12 full size, high quality billiard tables. With new felt and perfect balance, these billiard tables are ready for play.


Tarantula Billiards & Grill

1456 Champa Street, Downtown Denver • 720.932.6666

Urban underground space, DJs who favor punk rock, and free pool on Mondays make this a popular place to play pool


Rack’em Cue Club
1919 South Havana Street, Aurora • 303.755.7655
Next door to Denver in Aurora, the Rack’em Cue Club is a pool hall where you can enjoy league play.


Sobo 151
151 South Broadway, Denver • 303.778.1560
This Czech pub in Denver offers pool in the back and an assortment of real Czech beers.


Wynkoop Brewing Company
1634 18th Street, LoDo Denver • 303.297.2700
Come up to the second floor of this historic Denver bar and play pool on one of the 22 pool tables. Or, reserve one of the two private pool rooms. The Wynkoop Brewing Company is located in the J.S. Mercantile Building and is a LoDo hotspot. Best of all, they bake their bread and brew their beer so everything is fresh.


Icehouse Tavern

1801 Wynkoop Street, Denver • 303.292.3775

Two pool tables, 15 flatscreen TVs, and video games will keep you busy at the IcehouseTavern. All of the food is priced under ten bucks, and happy hour rolls around twice every day.

The Candlelight

Kentucky Inn


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