Dive Category

What’s the definition of a dive bar in Denver? Dated décor? Strange smell? Weird patrons? Dim lighting? Odd location? The feeling that you should wash the glass before you drink out of it? Maybe none of the above, maybe all of the above…make up your own definition of dive bar and then be cool and tell everyone about your secret discovery.


Campus Lounge

701 South University Boulevard, Denver • 303.722.9696 Don’t let the name fool you, this Denver bar isn’t near a college campus, nor is it filled with students. Instead, an unpretentious atmosphere, sports ticker, and plenty of televisions make it a great place to watch your favorite games.


Kentucky Inn

890 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80209  •  (303) 778-9600 Kentucky Inn is an authentic dive bar. I’m pretty sure there is carpet on the floor which drinks as much beer as the patrons. A good late night spot to grab a slice of pizza from the late night pizza truck that parks outside.


Satellite Bar

308 East Colfax Avenue, Denver • 303.832.3488 Satellite Bar is a frequent stop of some of the Cruisers’ fabled “off season” rides. Good beer specials and foosball make this a fun stop. A cozy dive bar, where you can find cans of beer for $1.75. They offer a plenty to do while you drink, Shuffleboard, Pinball,…


Candlelight Tavern

383 South Pearl St, Denver • 303.778-9530
This Denver staple features one of the best, cheap burgers in town. Tucked away in residential West Wash Park thisbar serves as the Regal Beagle for many Wash Park locals.


Pete’s Satire Lounge

A fixture on East Colfax Avenue, Pete’s Satire Lounge in Denver has been serving Mexican food for the past forty-five years, almost every hour they’re open, which is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Don’s Tavern

723 East Sixth Avenue, Denver • 303.861-0144 Shuffle board, a juke box, pool, and arcade games must be what contribute to this Denver dive bar’s popularity.


Vesper Lounge

233 East Seventh Avenue, Denver • 720 328 0314 Formerly the Lancer Lounge many locals were sad to see the Lancer close as it was know as one of Denver’s greatest dive bars. The Vesper Lounge has a Mediterranean theme and a solid gyro. A nice chill place to hang.


PS Lounge

Dark, tchotchke-filled, cash-only bar known for handing out roses & free shots (totally true) to diverse clientele.


The Barker Lounge

The new Barker Lounge now located on Santa Fe is still the same old dog-friendly spot.  A new patio and fence on the west side of the building and on First Fridays, the bar will offer $5 parking that also gets you a ticket for a drink.


Badgers Pub

Be prepared to listen to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, dance and drink. With a Wisconsin theme, they host Brewers, Badgers, Bucks and Packers games.